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​"For over a year, I was searching the Web for a Medical generator to use in my Operating Room. I own the Geneforce 440 because it's easy to Start, Reliable and Safe".

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Choose Plugs and Outlets for Quick Connection upon Delivery

The Geneforce Backup Power Indoor Generator can be customized to include plugs and outlets that match the circuits in your home or business. Geneforce facilitates quick connection of your Geneforce Backup Power Indoor Generator by providing the essential input plugs, wiring, and output receptacles that connect directly to your breaker box, outlets and more upon delivery.​​

Emergency Power for All Applications

Discover  the full range of Geneforce "Gas-Free", Solar Rechargeable, Indoor Generators for Home, Business, Practice or other Projects. Each Backup Power System features a solar power and wind power charge controller for quick emergency charging during prolonged power failures.

Backup Power for Home Owners

The Geneforce Backup Power System is a gas-free, solar rechargeable generator for indoors. It is silent, portable and starts automatically or with one-touch of a button. The Geneforce Backup Power System does not rely on gas and, thus, is safe for indoors.

The Geneforce Backup Power System does not require maintenance, installation nor permits. The Geneforce Backup Power System arrives fully charged and ready to work. Plug equipment directly into the Geneforce outlets. When a power failure occurs, the Geneforce Backup Power System will provide electricity to your equipment.​​

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In 1998, Geneforce began manufacturing the Geneforce Emergency Power System to provide back-up power for operating room power failures occurring in areas that were affected by Hurricane Wilma and Katrina. During those times, the Florida Board of Medicine implemented a 90 day moratorium banning all Level III surgical procedures in office-based surgical settings. Plastic Surgery procedures were forced to be performed at the hospital for a higher cost. As a result, many procedures were cancelled and/or postponed. Soon after, strict regulations were passed requiring operating rooms to have back-up power that can provide two hours of electricity and start within 15 seconds of a power failure. As a result, Geneforce manufactured the GEN-420 Emergency Power System to meet those requirements. The GEN-420 has a transfer time of 0.8 milliseconds and can provide emergency power for greater than two hours in an operating room setting.  
During Hurricane Wilma & Katrina , the Geneforce Power System was used to power a condominium during a power failure. The smallest Geneforce powered a refrigerator, DVD Player, 26" Flat Screen TV, phone chargers, four lights and a laptop computer for three days. Afterwards, it required four hours to recharge itself. 
Thereafter, the Geneforce Indoor Generator began debuting at the Home Design & Remodeling Shows that took place in Florida. Since that time, Geneforce has been manufacturing gas-free, solar rechargeable generators for a variety of applications and industries. Geneforce is dedicated to selling one item, a Backup Power Supply. We do not try to sell a million things on our website. We offer a specialized product that can be complimented with other components.
Most Geneforce Emergency Power Systems feature a 7-8 year "service life" and other units feature a 12-16 year "service life" without any maintenance. The Geneforce Power Systems  can be recharged with a standard wall outlet, solar panels or wind turbine.
The Geneforce Solar Generator for homes gives you peace of mind. The gas free generators are safe for indoor use and do not require maintenance, installation nor permits. The Geneforce Emergency Power System's silent operation, mobility and automatic or one-touch start make it ideal for all types of applications.

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Solar Rechargeable Generators for Pickup Truck Crossbeds

The Geneforce battery-based power system is a practical solution for generating silent power "on the go". The Geneforce gas-free, solar rechargeable Pickup Truck Generators can be installed onto your pick-up truck crossbed. The Geneforce Power System can be recharged with any power outlet or solar panels that can be mounted on a "roof rack" for pick-up trucks. The Geneforce can be recharging while the truck is being driven or parked. Some Geneforce generators can harvest approximately 7kW of solar energy each day.

Backup Power for Healthcare

The Geneforce Backup Power System is the perfect Indoor Generator for your Office Based Surgery Practice, Ambulatory Surgery Center, Laboratory, Pharmacy or Healthcare Practice. The Backup Power Indoor Generator is designed to power Operating Rooms, Recovery Rooms, Life Safety Equipment and Refrigerators that store Pharmaceuticals. 

The Geneforce Emergency Power System meets Certification and Accreditation requirements for Ambulatory Surgery Centers, the Joint Commission (JCAHO), AAAASF, AAAHC and Office Based Surgery Certifications.

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Solar Power and Wind Powered Rechargeable Generators for Indoors

The Geneforce Backup Power System is a Battery-Based Generator that can be recharged with 12V to 48V solar panels and/or a wind turbine. The solar panels connect to the Geneforce Backup Power Indoor Generator via a positive and negative cable. Simply, use a Phillips screw driver to tighten the terminals and the Geneforce Power System automatically begins charging. The Geneforce Backup Power Systems are available with a variety of alternative energy charging capabilities. 

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Backup power for your home, business and practice

Visit the resource library

Obtain Information regarding Accreditation, Facts and Installation

Obtain the information necessary to select Geneforce Backup Power System products, including generator sizing calculators, spec sheets, and professional resources. The Geneforce Library includes Accreditation Requirements for Office Based Surgery Centers and Ambulatory Surgical Centers. ​​

Backup Power for Business

Forget about expensive diesel powered generators, costly installations, expensive maintenance plans, continuous repairs and permits. The Geneforce Backup Power System is the perfect Battery-Based Generator for your Business.

The Geneforce Backup Power System is a robust, commercial grade Emergency Power System that provides continuous output powers ranging from 2kW to 60kW. Portable units are customized to store 60kVA or greater of Stored Electrical Energy.  

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