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Obtain Information regarding Accreditation, Facts and Installation

Obtain the information necessary to select Geneforce Backup Power Indoor Generator products, including generator sizing calculators, spec sheets, and professional resources. The Geneforce Library includes Accreditation Requirements for Office Based Surgery Centers and Ambulatory Surgical Centers. ​​

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Backup Power for Home Owners

The Geneforce Emergency Power System is a Gas-Free, Solar Rechargeable Generator that is safe for Indoors. The Geneforce Power System is available in a variety of Output Power Capacities capable of providing emergency power to apartments, houses and off-grid homes. The Geneforce Battery Powered Indoor Generator is silent, portable and starts automatically or with one-touch of a button. The Geneforce Emergency Power System does not require installation, maintenance or permits. The Geneforce Indoor Generator does not rely on gas and is safe for indoor use. The Geneforce Battery Generator features a System Control Panel that acts like a "Fuel Gauge" and displays Incoming Voltage, Power Consumption, Time until full discharge, Fault Warnings and more.

The Geneforce Battery Generator arrives fully charged and ready to work. Plug equipment directly into the Geneforce Indoor Generator outlets. When a power failure occurs, the Geneforce Indoor Generator will automatically provide emergency electricity to your equipment.​​ When the utility power is restored, the Geneforce Battery Generator will automatically resume charging. 

Not sure how long the utility power will be out? Each Geneforce Emergency Power System includes a Solar Charge Controller for emergency recharging with solar panels. Just add Solar Panels and/or a Wind Turbine for continuous charging day or night. Find out more regarding the Geneforce Indoor Battery Generators for Homes.

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The Geneforce Generator "pricing" is available at the "Generators Page" without having to call for a quote. Call or email Geneforce if you have any questions or concerns. We are available to process your order and assist you with determining which Geneforce Battery Generator best fits your needs. Geneforce Incorporated is available to answer questions regarding NFPA Codes, Board of Medicine rules, Accreditation Standards, Ambulatory Surgery requirements and more. Geneforce is available to calculate the power consumption of your equipment and assist with choosing which Geneforce Battery Generator best meets your needs. Geneforce is available to assist electricians, architects, engineers and contractors with installation information and requirements. Geneforce has helpful links to electrical accessories, including plugs and outlets that may be included with your purchase.

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Choose Plugs and Outlets for Quick Connection upon Delivery

The Geneforce Backup Power Indoor Generator can be customized to include plugs and outlets that match the circuits in your home or business. Geneforce facilitates quick connection of your Geneforce Backup Power Indoor Generator by providing the essential input plugs, wiring, and output receptacles that connect directly to your breaker box, outlets and more upon delivery.​​

Compliance, Accreditation and NFPA Questions

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Geneforce Emergency Power Systems, apartment generator, indoor generator, battery generator, medical generator, operating room generator, office based surgery generator, Laboratory Generator, Pharmacy generator, solar rechargeable generator,

How to buy?

Geneforce Power Systems is available for purchase direct from Geneforce

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Battery Powered Generators for Pickup Truck Crossbeds

The Geneforce Battery Powered Generator is a practical solution for providing silent power "on the go". The Geneforce gas-free, solar rechargeable Pickup Truck Generators can be installed onto your pick-up truck crossbed. The Geneforce Power System can be recharged with a power outlet or solar panels that can be mounted onto a "roof rack" for pick-up trucks. The Geneforce Truck Generator can be recharged while the truck is being driven or parked. Some Geneforce Truck Generators can harvest approximately 7kW of solar energy each day. Learn more.

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Solar Rechargeable Generators

Solar and Wind Power Rechargeable Generators

The Geneforce Emergency Power System is a Battery Powered Generator that can be recharged with 12V to 48V solar panels and/or a wind turbine. The solar panels connect to the Geneforce Solar Rechargeable Generator via a positive and negative cable. Simply, use a Phillips screw driver to tighten the terminals and the Geneforce Power System automatically begins charging. The Geneforce Solar Rechargeable Generator is available in a variety of continuous output powers. Learn more. 

Backup Power for Business

Forget about expensive diesel powered generators, costly installations, expensive maintenance plans, continuous repairs and permits. The Geneforce Emergency Power System is the perfect Battery Powered Generator for your Business because it does not rely on gas and is safe for indoor use. In addition, Geneforce manufactures Truck Generators for Outdoor Events, Camping, Tailgating and more, that can be recharged with Solar Panels and/or a Wind Turbine. The Geneforce Battery Generator is silent, and does not require gas, oil or maintenance. Some Geneforce Indoor Battery Generators feature a 12-16 Year battery life without the need for Maintenance.

The Geneforce Indoor Battery is a robust, commercial grade, Solar Rechargeable Generator for all types of serious applications that require reliable Backup Power with continuous outputs ranging from 2kW to 21kW. Some Geneforce Battery Generators feature 57kW of Stored Battery Reserves. 

​​The Geneforce Battery Generators are silent, portable and feature an Automatic Start to protect your business day or night. The Geneforce Indoor Generator is perfect for a business located in an office building or an area where gas is prohibited or not practical. Find out more about the Geneforce Battery Generators for Business.  

Backup power for your home, business and healthcare

Backup Power for Healthcare

The Geneforce Emergency Power Source is the perfect Indoor Battery Generator for your Office Based Surgery Center, Ambulatory Surgery Center, Laboratory, Pharmacy or Home. The Geneforce Emergency Power Source is designed to power Operating Rooms, Recovery Rooms, Life Safety Areas, Critical Equipment and medical refrigerators that maintain medications & vaccines. The Geneforce Emergency Power Source exceeds the two-hour minimum Backup Power requirement for Office Based Surgery Center Accreditation and meets operating rooms standards for Level II and Level III Procedures.

The Geneforce Emergency Power Source can be inside your operating room or nearby. Just plug the medical equipment into the Geneforce outlets. Next, plug the Geneforce Emergency Power Source into a designated wall outlet. When a power failure occurs, the Geneforce Battery Generator will automatically provide power to your equipment. When the power is restored, the Geneforce Battery Generator automatically resumes charging. The Geneforce Emergency Power Source can be installed directly to your breaker box and, thus, avoid extension cords between the Geneforce Generator and your medical equipment. 

In addition, the Geneforce Emergency Power Source is the perfect Backup Power for Oxygen Concentrators and CPAP Machines. The Geneforce Emergency Power Source meets accreditation requirements for AAAASF, AAAHC and State regulatory authorities. The Geneforce Type 1 Generator meets requirements for Ambulatory Surgery Centers, CMS and the Joint Commission (JCAHO). Find out more.

Emergency Power for All Applications

Discover  the full range of Geneforce "Gas-Free", Solar Rechargeable, Indoor Generators for Home, Business, Practice or other Projects. Each Geneforce Backup Power Indoor Generator features a solar charge controller for quick charging with solar panels during prolonged power failures.

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