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Backup Power for Healthcare

  • Medical Generator for Office Based Surgery
  • Type 1 Generator for Ambulatory Surgery
  • Indoor Battery Generator for Medical Equipment
  • Medical Generator for Clinics

The Geneforce Emergency Power System is an Emergency Power Source that provides emergency power to medical equipment. The Geneforce Emergency Power Source is the perfect Indoor Battery Generator for your Office Based Surgery Practice, Ambulatory Surgery Center, Laboratory, Pharmacy or Healthcare Practice. The Geneforce Indoor Generator is designed to provide backup power for Operating Rooms, Recovery Rooms, Life Safety Areas, Critical Equipment, medical refrigerators, vaccine freezers and more.

The Geneforce Battery Powered Generator exceeds the minimum 2-hour backup power Certification & Accreditation requirements for Ambulatory Surgery Centers, the Joint Commission (JCAHO), AAAASF, State and Office Based Surgery Certifications.

Geneforce Indoor Battery Generator
Backup Power, Battery Generator, Geneforce Emergency Power Systems

Need Backup power for your home, business and practice?


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All major credit cards are accepted. No sales tax is collected outside of Florida. A small flat shipping fee is added on some Geneforce Generators. Purchases in the State of Florida are subject to a 7% sales tax.​ The online payment system will automatically provide you with a receipt. In addition, Geneforce Incorporated sends an email confirming that the payment has been received and that we are processing your order. After the generator ships, an email with tracking information and delivery time is provided to the customer.​​​​

Backup Power, Battery Generator, Geneforce Emergency Power Systems

how to buy A geneforce BATTERY GENERATOR?

The Geneforce Power System is available for purchase direct from the us the manufacturer

Geneforce Indoor Generators feature batteries that last 12 to 16 years

Geneforce Indoor Battery Generator
Geneforce Battery Generators for Trucks


Solar Rechargeable Generators for Pickup Truck Crossbeds

The Geneforce Battery Powered Generator is a practical solution for generating silent power "on the go". The Geneforce Gas-Free, Solar Rechargeable Pickup Truck Generators can be installed onto your Pick-up Truck Crossbed. The Geneforce Truck Generator can be recharged with a wall outlet or solar panels that can be mounted on a "Roof Rack" for Pick-Up Trucks. The Geneforce Pickup Truck Generator can be recharged with solar panels while the truck is being driven or parked. Some Geneforce Truck Generators can harvest approximately 7kW of solar power each day.

electrical accessories

Choose Plugs and Outlets for Quick Connection upon Delivery

The Geneforce Emergency Power System can be customized to include plugs and outlets that match the circuits in your home or business. Geneforce Backup Power Systems facilitates quick connection of your Geneforce Backup Power System by providing the essential input plugs, wiring, and output receptacles that connect directly to your breaker box, outlets and more upon delivery.​​

Backup Power, Battery Generator, Geneforce Emergency Power Systems
Backup Power, Battery Generator, Geneforce Emergency Power Systems


To ensure that each customer receives a new and fully charged Geneforce Power System, each Geneforce Power System is built (upon purchase) to ensure that a new battery reserve is installed in each purchased unit.
Geneforce Incorporated accepts cancellation of orders within 48 hours of payment. Afterwards, the order has been processed and the unit has begun assembly. No returns or refunds are offered after 48 hours from purchase date or after the generator has shipped. Any cancellations after 48 hours from purchase are subject to a 20% restocking fee and shipping fees associated with the return of the generator. For returns and refund information email us at 
info@geneforcepower.com ​​​.

Indoor Battery Generator


The Geneforce Battery Generator is securely packaged and delivered on a standard pallet so that the wheels don't get scratched during the delivery. The weight of each pallet is listed on the Geneforce Generators Specification Sheet. Taking it off the pallet is simple. Basic tools are needed to remove the protective packaging, straps and wood blocks that hold the casters in place (box-cutter and pliers). The Geneforce Battery Generator is heavy and assistance should be used to remove the generator from the pallet. With assistance, use a ramp to carefully lower/roll the generator from the pallet. Afterwards, it can be wheeled into place. The Geneforce Generator arrives fully charged and ready to work. For additional information regarding shipping, delivery and packaging, email info@geneforcepower.com .


Backup Power, Battery Generator, Geneforce Emergency Power Systems

Backup Power for Home Owners

  • Indoor Battery Generator for Homes
  • Indoor Battery Generator for Apartments
  • Indoor Battery Generator for Condos
  • Solar Rechargeable Generator for Off-Grid

The Geneforce Backup Power System is a Gas-Free, Solar Rechargeable Indoor Battery Generator for Homes, Apartments, Off-Grid Homes and Recreational Activities. The Geneforce Indoor Battery Generator is silent, portable and starts automatically or with one-touch of a button. The Geneforce Indoor Generator does not rely on gas and is safe for indoor use.

The Geneforce Home Generators do not require maintenance, installation or permits. The Geneforce Indoor Battery Generator arrives fully charged and ready to work. Plug equipment directly into the Geneforce Indoor Generator outlets. When a power failure occurs, the Geneforce Home Generator will provide electricity to your equipment and appliances.

Visit the geneforce indoor battery resource library

Obtain Information regarding Accreditation, Facts and Installation

Obtain the information necessary to select Geneforce Backup Power System products, including generator sizing calculators, spec sheets, and professional resources. The Geneforce Indoor Battery Generator Library includes Accreditation Requirements for Office Based Surgery Centers and Ambulatory Surgical Centers. ​​

Backup Power for Business

  • Indoor Battery Generator for Computers
  • Indoor Battery Generator for Restaurants
  • Backup Power for Photography
  • ​Backup Power for Outdoor Events

Forget about expensive diesel powered generators, costly installations, expensive maintenance plans, continuous repairs and permits. The Geneforce Power System is the perfect Battery Powered Generator for your Business.

The Geneforce Indoor Battery Generator is a robust, commercial grade Indoor Solar Rechargeable Generator that provides continuous output powers ranging from 2kW to 7kW. Some Geneforce Battery Generators feature 24 kW of Stored Battery Reserves.  
​​The Geneforce Backup Power System is an Indoor Generator that does not require installation, maintenance or permits. The Geneforce Indoor Battery Generator arrives fully charged and ready to work.

Solar Rechargeable Indoor Battery Generator


Each Geneforce model is a "plug and play" system that is ready to work and does not require installation. However, approximately 35% of our customers choose to install the Geneforce Power System directly to their breaker box and, thus, avoid extension cords between appliances and the Geneforce Power System. First, you choose which outlets you would like to have powered. Next, the electrician can duplicate those breakers on a sub-panel. Lastly, the Geneforce can power the sub-panel. When a power failure occurs, the Geneforce will automatically "kick in" and provide emergency power to the outlets connected to the subpanel. When the power is restored, the Geneforce will resume charging. Usually, the parts range about $40 and the labor runs for approximately $200-$500. A licensed electrician in your area can perform the installation. If needed, we provide phone support and technical assistance. For questions regarding installation email Geneforce Incorporated at info@geneforcepower.com ​.

Solar rechargeable battery generators

Solar Power and Wind Powered Rechargeable Generators for Indoors

The Geneforce Emergency Power System is a Battery-Based Generator that can be recharged with 12V to 48V solar panels and/or a wind turbine. The solar panels connect to the Geneforce Indoor Generator via a positive and negative cable. Simply, use a Phillips screw driver to tighten the terminals and the Geneforce Solar Rechargeable Generator automatically begins charging. The Geneforce Battery Generators are available with a variety of alternative energy charging capabilities. 

Online Pricing - one day shipping


Shipping is quick and tracking information is provided. Most of the generators are in stock and ready to ship within 2 to 3 days. The transit time is usually 1 to 4 days depending on the distance from Florida. For the larger Geneforce Generators, please allow 4 to 5 days for shipping or contact Geneforce to check for sooner availability. To avoid "wear & tear" of the wheels, the generators are shipped on a secure pallet. Shipping includes curbside delivery and a lift-gate to lower the pallet from the truck. The delivery driver will take it off the truck and place it "close to your door" or "in your garage". It is the buyer's responsibility to unpack and "wheel" it from there to where you want it. The Generator is mounted on wheels which allows for easy movement. After the generator ships, Geneforce provides tracking information with delivery times. International shipping is available. For information regarding shipping, email us at info@geneforcepower.com ​​​.

Backup Power, Battery Generator, Geneforce Emergency Power Systems
Backup Power, Battery Generator, Geneforce Emergency Power Systems
Backup Power, Battery Generator, Geneforce Emergency Power Systems
Backup Power, Battery Generator, Geneforce Emergency Power Systems

Backup Power for All Applications

View all the Geneforce "Gas-Free" Solar Rechargeable Indoor Generators for Home, Business and Healthcare. Each Geneforce Indoor Battery Generator features a solar charge controller for quick emergency charging during prolonged power failures.


A user manual is included inside each generator. Also, there are instructions posted on the side of each generator. E-edition of manuals are available by contacting customer service at the email below. The Warranty and Spec Sheet is available for download on each Generator Page of this website. Contact Geneforce Incorporated for questions regarding documentation at info@geneforcepower.com .